“Are You a Romans 7 or a Romans 8 Christian?”: A Biblical Response to an Erroneous Question


Today’s blogpost is by a friend in the body of Christ from the USA. Joshua Nelson is an online writer who works from his home in…More

Of weak women and manipulators


Long post alert: 2600 words 12 minutes of reading In my time ministering to people in the area of man-woman relationships, I have seen the…More



What is Powerhouse? POWERHOUSE is a men’s program designed to inspire men to express their sexuality purely, to love their women passionately and to live…More

Saving relationships one man at a time!


A few weeks ago after preaching to a couple of teenagers and young adults, a number of youth walked up to me and asked to…More

The root of bitterness


Have you ever had bitterness rule your heart? A few years ago, I battled with entrenched bitterness towards a brother in the faith. We disagreed…More

From the pit to the palace


How did Joseph, son of Jacob, manage to mitigate a global-level famine catastrophe and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people (if not…More

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