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Today is our 10th year marriage anniversary! Ten years ago on the 1st of September 2012, we stood on the green lawns of Brackenhurst in Tigoni and exchanged our vows. As we start counting double-digit revolutions around the sun, we thought to share 10 things we would have loved to hear a decade ago as newlyweds. We sat down yesterday…More


Father’s day is coming up. The more years I clock as a father, I cannot help but notice the profound impact that the male parent has on a child. I have understood this impact even more owing to the sessions of counselling I have with couples; many relationship problems between a husband and wife can be traced to father wounds…More


Ernest delivered a message on dealing with rejection at the Technical University of Kenya Christian Union. Here is the recording of that message. More


Hello, Ernest. I am a believer and I have a question. We are taught to honour our parents. But what if one’s parents are not worthy of honour? What is the point of the fifth commandment? The fifth commandment in the decalogue (Exodus 20:12) states “Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the…More


PARENTING AND THE HOPE FOR OUR CHILDREN We just got a new bundle of joy. Ivanna Njeri Wamboye. The name Ivanna is of Hebrew origin. It means gift from God. Turi and I are blessed to usher in our second born into this world. We are eager to see our first daughter’s reaction when she sees her new sister. Our…More


What I learned about fatherhood from travelling with my baby alone for one week Husbands, would you travel with your under-two-year-old to a foreign country for a whole week without your wife? How long would you last? About a month ago, I travelled to the United States for my sister’s graduation in California. It was intended to be a family…More


New to fatherhood My little girl, Thandiwe is almost one year old. Her birthday is on the 14th of July. One key thing she has taught me in these few months is that quality time to children must be supported by quantity time and vice versa. It seems not to matter much to Thandie if I spend a relaxing evening…More