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We are gathered here today to mourn the untimely death of our dear beloved Self. He was a devoted fornicator, esteemed thief, cherished blasphemer and a wonderful sanctimonious man that we all loved to hate. Early life and Education Self was born promptly at the same time his biological body came into this earth. He was empowered by the gloriously…More


I had a dream from the LORD on night before Thursday 24th February 2022. In the dream, I walked into a church. I had arrived on time. The service had not yet started. In the dream, I was carrying in my arms my second born daughter, Ivanna. The church congregants had also arrived on time and were waiting for the…More


It was once bizarre, but now very common to hear, โ€œGet born again and Jesus will get you a husband.โ€ Or โ€œGet born again and you will heal very quickly from your break-up.โ€ Or โ€œGet saved and God will take away all your financial problems.โ€ Present-day Christendom has been filled with a barter-trade gospel message that suggests God is trading…More


I have never seen a fake 2000 Kenya shilling note. That is because the 2000 Kenya shilling note does not exist- nobody would waste time struggling to counterfeit a fake. However I have seen a fake 1000 Kenya shilling note. That is because the 1000 Kenya shilling note exists. People donโ€™t make fakes of things that do not exist. They…More


Below are three unbiblical statements that some Christians often use that are not true. God helps those who help themselves This statement is not in the Bible. The intended meaning of this statement is often to encourage men and women not to sit around when their lives fall apart but to actually do something. While God-given freewill is noble, this…More