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Exodus 20:3 has the first commandment of the Decalogue: “You shall have no other gods but me.” With the biblical and historical background of Israel written for us, we can easily point out the idols- the golden calf, the Baal statues, the Asherah poles and the molded pagan deities. It is easy to look at all those and think, “Well, I definitely…More


This thing about your name on a Coke bottle is great! If you don’t like it, don’t take it badly. It’s nothing personal. Really, it’s not that they chose to ignore you or anything. It’s just that…well…how do I put this? It’s just that your name is Kiogora. If it’s any consolation, I haven’t yet found one with the name…More


I was a church worship leader in high school. With a team of more vocally and musically talented folks than myself, I led the Praise and Worship team for about two years. I am not a professional singer. You may wonder how exactly I was leading the worship team. Well, let’s just say I can tell an off-key tune, I’m not…More


What would ruin you? What part of your life if amputated from you would leave you devastated? What can’t you imagine living without? Have you thought about it? Your answer may range in the list below: My family, My career path, My mum, My boyfriend, My wife, My husband, My girlfriend, My job, My reputation, My education, My friends, My talent, My money, My voice, My car, My investment, My health, My child, My good looks, My lifestyle There’s…More


Scores of brilliant men and women have lived and died. In all their funerals, what was most important wasn’t what they did but who they were. You’re alive and reading this blog. So, who are you? They say, ask a man who he is and he will tell you what he does. Ask a woman who she is and she…More