Read the write-up below about the class and then fill in the Google form at the end. Here are a few FAQS:

Who should attend the class?

Any committed couple who plans to marry soon.

Can married couples attend the class?

Yes, they can. We have had several married couples attend our class in the past. Married couples who desire to have a refresher will enjoy this course.

When does the next class start and end?

The next class starts on Sunday the 21st of July 2024 and ends on Sunday the 6th of October 2024.

How long is the entire premarital class?

12 weeks. The class meets once a week on Sundays.

What time do the classes take place?

The classes take place on Sunday evenings between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm East African Time (GMT+3). A few classes will need extra time. The facilitators will inform you of these classes in advance.

On what platform are the classes taught?

The classes take place online via Zoom. Members of the class will have to download the Zoom app prior to the class.

 What are the topics for the class?

  • Week 1: LAYING FOUNDATIONS: Establishing fundamentals before getting married.
  • Week 2: THE PURPOSE-LED MARRIAGE: Building a lifelong union that glorifies God.
  • Week 3: FRIENDSHIP IN MARRIAGE: Raising pillars of intimacy for the lifelong journey.
  • Week 4: ROLES OF HUSBANDS IN MARRIAGE: understanding the biblical responsibilities of men.
  • Week 5: ROLES OF WIVES IN MARRIAGE: understanding the biblical responsibilities of women.
  • Week 6: PRACTICAL LOVE, LEADING, SUBMISSION, & RESPECT: how to make a marriage work.
  • Week 7: MATRI-MONEY: Gospel-centered living while using money as a couple.
  • Week 8: HANDLING CONFLICT PART 1: Understanding conflict.
  • Week 9: HANDLING CONFLICT PART 2: Resolving conflict.
  • Week 10: DEALING WITH BAGGAGE: Leaving and cleaving by healing from wounds.
  • Week 11: WHOLESOME LIVING: Shedding off sexual, mental, and spiritual baggage.
  • Week 12: SEXUAL INTIMACY IN MARRIAGE: Discovering the power, pleasure, and practice of sex.

What worldview do the premarital class teachers subscribe to?

Our classes are Gospel-centered (meaning they are strongly hinged on the message of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection). By and large the teachings we will give derive their worldview from a biblical Judeo-Christian background. Specifically, Ernest and Waturi Wamboye are protestant evangelical Christians. They fellowship at Mamlaka Hill Chapel Ruaka.

What format will the classes take?

The classes will take the following formats: Plenaries, Class discussions: Virtual interactions, and Q & A Interactive session: Interactive sessions for questions and answers.

Is there any financial cost?

The class, in and of itself, is free of charge. However, you will be required to purchase the book for the reading material. We will use our book, BAESICS, for the class reading material. You can purchase the book (Kindle version or hard copy) via Amazon. Here is the Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3rjiyzi.

For those in Kenya, you can also purchase physical copies of the book via Mpesa. Each book is 1500 KES. You need two books. Therefore, send 3000 KES to Mpesa Paybill 204 634 Account: Book. (It will read THE RELATIONSHIP CTR). If you purchase the book via Amazon, please send proof of purchase to info@penstrokes.co.ke.

Please understand that those who do not purchase the book will not be granted admission into the class. The purchase of the book seals your registration. Those who purchase physical copies of Baesics will have the books sent to them via courier. Once you make your payment, we will send you the book via courier. We will not charge you extra for the courier. This covers courier delivery within Kenya alone. Courier delivery outside Kenya for physical copies will attract international courier costs (that we will not cover). It is therefore expedient to purchase a copy from Amazon if you are outside Kenya.

Do we need one book or two books as a couple?

Two books. Each person must have their own copy.

 What if we already have copies of Baesics?

If you already have copies of the books, please send pictorial evidence or Amazon purchase evidence to info@penstrokes.co.ke

 Since the class is free, how does it run?

Our premarital class successfully runs through the generous giving of God’s people to our work. The generous giving of the previous premarital class enables you to be part of this current class. In light of what you will have received, at the end of the class (on week 12) we will ask you to give a free-will donation to our ministry. Your free-will donation will also enable us to offer this class in the future to other couples. Those who give will receive a premarital class certificate as an appreciation and acknowledgement of your participation and generosity.

Is there anything else we need to know?

The class is homework intensive. You will be required to complete personal and couple assignments. You will also be required to read about two chapters of a book every week. If you are a hard worker, you will love the class and benefit greatly from it.

The class will have a common WhatsApp group for the 12-week period. We will then have a physical retreat after the 12 weeks. The retreat will be on a date that the class will unanimously agree on.

Fill in the Google form below to register for the class.