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I was speaking with a friend recently on what it would take for the church to experience a revival. Without batting an eye he said, “Reverence.” It did not take long to see that one hallmark of followers of Christ that besmirches the faith is a lack of reverence for God. Reverence is profound respect, honour and veneration. God is…More


This blog is the third instalment of a series I am calling Recipes for Revival. We are looking at the necessary ingredients needed to bring about spiritual awakening. God desires that all people be saved and come to the saving knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:3-4). He does not desire for anyone to perish, but rather that they repent…More


Throughout human history, God has beckoned mankind to turn away from sin and to return to God’s plan in repentance. The Creator of Heaven and Earth has enough foresight to tell that our deviation from His will result in death (Romans 6:23). God’s extraction plan is Christ Jesus. God himself has taken the form of a man and has absorbed…More


As I have observed the Covid-19 pandemic, I cannot help but see that this is a storm that has come to test the foundations of our spiritual practices in the Body of Christ. I get the feeling that God is not just speaking in this pandemic but also through it. There is a call to revival. It is a call…More


How effective are you as a believer? The moment you come to Christ, you become a vessel for His use. You enrol into His service. When I intend to do a house chore, I desire that the tool I use for the task works well. It is frustrating to work with a frayed broom. It is highly inconveniencing to work…More


If there is a perpetual resolution every born-again believer ought to have every year, it is the mortification of sin. Spiritual self-development ought to be at the forefront of all our earthly plans. But you have a real enemy who is bent on ensuring you remain in the mire of sin. We are told in James 4:7 that when we…More


Hello Ernest, I have a question. When you look at the scriptures, you often find a few instances where God asks people questions. Why does the Ancient of Days ask a question to a lesser being? Isn’t He all-knowing? Thank you for writing, Beloved. This is a good question 🙂 The short answer is that God often locates our hearts…More


I recently saw a status update shared on social media. It was an image with a caption that read as follows: “I don’t hold grudges; you simply become irrelevant.” I usually don’t fret over the things I see on social media, especially among unbelievers. However, it gets me thinking deeply when I see professing believers subscribe to such mantras. What…More


This quarantine season presents the perfect time for believers to learn how to feed themselves spiritually though a quiet time. The average believer today is often over-dependent on his or her pastor for spiritual nourishment. They depend on one sermon to take them through the week. That is why some believers in Kenya were panicking when the Covid-19 prevented church…More


When the dream experiences delay Every believer knows that they are saved because they have acknowledged that Jesus is Lord, that He is the saviour of the world, that through Him our sins are forgiven, that we have His Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us and that we have access to eternal life our of pure mercy and grace and…More


THE UGLINESS OF GOSSIP One of the most frustrating things I have been challenged to deal with in the past year is people who have engaged in slander and gossip about me. In the past year, I have encountered a few situations where people have said untruthful things said about me in my absence. Some were people I hardly knew…More


Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices Thomas Brooks was an 1800 puritan minister who wrote a book titled Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices. The book is detailed with the schemes of Satan against the believer. Paul the Apostle cautioned the believer to be aware of Satan’s devices so that he may not have an advantage over the church. 2 Corinthians 2:11 “Lest Satan should get an…More


BOOK REVIEW: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan Title: The Pilgrim’s Progress Author: John Bunyan Originally Published: 1678 Original Language: English Genre: Allegorical Christian Novel Few books get me emotional and teary. This Christian Classic 17th Century novel by John Bunyan falls into this category. And it is no wonder, for my research tells me that The Pilgrim’s Progress has been published in more…More


It isn’t wrong to say that we are living in a generation with a tremendous sense of self-importance. If you point this out as a problem, the critics will accuse you of not seeing the need for self-esteem. But even self-esteem has become a euphemism for self-aggrandizement. And self aggrandizement has an ancient code word that we hate to hear…More

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