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Before I got married, I served in several ministries in church. My favourite was the Bible Challenge ministry. We would meet once in a year and train to compete with other churches for the Bible Challenge trophy . During the competition, we had the judges test our knowledge of the book we memorised in a Bible trivia. We were tested…More


Imagine you were on medication that was sustaining your life. The prescription of the medicine required you to take it every morning before 6:00 AM and remain perfectly still for one hour; failure to which, you would die. Would you ever forget to take that medicine? Absolutely not. Would you ever fail to get the time to sit still for…More


Pastor Timothy Keller once said, “The Bible is not about you.”  He is right. The Bible is about one central character- Jesus. Jesus Christ is not a random character who appeared in the 40th book in the Bible i.e. Matthew. Jesus was not the plan B of salvation after plan A of the Law “failed.” Jesus is the main theme of the…More


Are you a lover in diapers or are you a mature lover? Sounds strange to say that love can be classified as mature or childish, but it is not far from the truth. This is a lesson that I learn every week with my wife. It began when we were dating and has never stopped since. What does it mean…More