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Israel 3 BC Gabriel dropped into the earth’s atmosphere at neck-breaking speed. The small blue and white bead in his view was growing larger by the second. The closer Gabriel approached, did more distinct colours of the planet Earth emerge- fields of blue ocean, patches of brown and green and scattered white. Today’s cloud cover was heavy. Despite it, landing…More


FOR MEN ONLY: Letter from Lust to a man Hello there fool, Yes, that’s right. My lustful, demonized and desperate fool. That’s what you are, no? Not just a fool; what’s most important is that you are MY fool. How did it go today with your so-called “purity journey”? Did you watch that porno again? Wait, don’t tell me! You…More


 This piece below is an excerpt from a novel that I began to write but I haven’t completed yet. I titled the novel Flashpoint, but I haven’t concluded on that yet. Flashpoint was meant to serve as a sequel to The Human Temple. Happy reading! Chapter 1 Terrible Beginnings Nairobi, Kenya. The Present. No man had ever hit Tracy Kimani. No man…More


In the beginning was the Lamb, the Lion and the Wind. They were the first life created by Elohim, the maker and supreme life force that transcended the cosmos. He appointed them as viceroys of his Shalom, on earth. The Shalom was the surety of the presence of Elohim. The Lion, the Lamb and the Wind held the representation of…More


In the beginning was The Light. Living Giving Hope Truth. LIGHT. He was the giver of life and the genesis of all existence. His name was Elohim, the eternal creator. He was The Light and he was The Spirit. He was the great Deity manifested in trinity. There was none like him. His majesty and supreme power, parallel to none,…More