PROLOGUE: The Human Temple


In the beginning was The Light. Living Giving Hope Truth. LIGHT.

He was the giver of life and the genesis of all existence. His name was Elohim, the eternal creator. He was The Light and he was The Spirit. He was the great Deity manifested in trinity. There was none like him. His majesty and supreme power, parallel to none, was manifest in his abode, Zion. Here he dwelt with the winged spirits; the guardians, servants of Elohim.

Zion was at the peak of peace. Paradise knew no anarchy until one guardian broke the code. The zenith of perfect harmony was about to collide with the birth of chaos.

“Gather round sons of The Light. I possess news of great tidings!”

It was a first. Lucifer summoned the guardians to himself. He stood at the foot of Mount Zion, calling his fellow winged brothers to gather in the Mercy field. The field extended out into the horizon stretching the green grass to confluence with the colored skies. Seven golden pillars crafted by Elohim himself stood majestically in this field, shooting from the ground penetrating the air to the skies of Zion. From a distance they bore resemblance to sharp shafts of light descending from Elohim’s throne. Their heights were impossible to tell. No guardian had flown past the end of them. It was yet another mystery of Elohim that intrigued every guardian that flew past the Mercy field. These pillars mirrored his nature. He was without end. The pillars arched around a colossal crystal mass of sapphire. The great rock that seemed dwarf-like in height in comparison to the golden pillars glimmered with the blue color of heaven. This was Mount Zion; the hummock of God.

Lucifer orbited the base of the pillars running his hands past the immaculate workmanship of his creator. He knew that his call was hard to resist, even ignore. He was not only a chief guardian but also the bearer of light and the melody of Elohim. Lucifer’s power held such captivation in Zion. To refuse to answer would be utter madness. He opened his mouth and from his chamber of musical artisanship, he emitted the sweetest euphony ever heard among the guardians.  Song was the Maker’s gift to this chief guardian; to make music and melody in praise of Elohim, The Light and the Spirit.

Lucifer the light bearer sang his spirit out on that day. Little did he know that this would be his last harmony. The guardians thronged from every stretch of Zion. He was awe-struck at their infinite number. They kept pouring in unceasingly. They perched on the pillars like flies on a sugar cube throwing their attention on the guardian that had summoned them. Lucifer smiled at them. He doubted they would all arrive in time for his declaration. Still, patience was the only way to introduce to the sons of The Light his new doctrine. By the thousands and the hundreds of thousands did guardian after guardian teem into the Mercy field. There was no measure to their capacity. They were innumerable as the sands by the seashore. Lucifer smiled to himself as the

numbers trickled in. The more he addressed the better. In no time, the full citizenry of Elohim’s Zion stood before Lucifer. He gazed at their beauty. The radiance on their bodies shimmered brightly, evidence of their exposure to The Light. He was reflected in the guardians. Lucifer knew that these spirit beings adored Elohim and would do anything for him. After all, he was the reason for their very being. After today, their adoration would be shared. He would make sure of it. He had taken in this sight several times but even now it still awed him. He looked at the multitude of guardians that he charged and inspired to sing. Their allegiance to his ministry was key in all this. He would take advantage of it. They would listen to him, as they always did.

The buzz among the guardians revealed that they were not cognizant of this gathering. Why had Elohim summoned? Was he about to reveal the master plan he kept talking about? Was this the day the guardians were introduced to the Perfect Creation? If he was, where was he? The Light always spoke for himself. Or was Lucifer given a message to convey? The atmosphere reeked of confusion.

Lucifer raised his right hand and a hush blanketed the myriad. It began like a wave from the front and grew tremendously and steadily like a tidal wave to the very last guardian at the rear. He stretched out his wings and took flight. He circled a section of the multitude that stood before the pillars, smiling satisfactorily. The numbers were enough. Still, he could tell that this was not all, but it sufficed for today’s purpose. He landed on the nearest ledge of Mount Zion, where Elohim loved to stand. He looked up the sapphire crystal mountain and received fresh energy. This would soon be his.

His garments gave him the appearance of a god from the position he stood. The colorful stones adorned on this music king were enough to drive admiration out of a staunch hater. He was the very essence of beauty. Yet in all his beauty, his voice was the cherry on the cake. If his voice were a gemstone, pearls would amount to rubble. Gold would amount to asphalt. He spoke and like clockwork he captivated the myriad. They listened. To ignore the voice would be pure insanity. When he was sure that he had their undivided attention, he spoke.

“Guardians of The Light, I Lucifer, salute you.”

The sea of guardians raised their wings in response to the salutation. In unison, they withdrew them and began talking among themselves. One guardian in the forefront silenced the hubbub.

“What is the meaning of this Lucifer? Why did you summon us?”

Lucifer looked at the myriad and found the bearer of the voice. He looked into the throng and witnessed one of the guardians rising into the air.

“Abiel, good friend, nice to see you.”

“Lucifer, our obeisance to The Light is delayed by this. Speak.”

Lucifer loved the tenacity in this guardian. The work of Elohim was astounding. His spirit dwelt among these myriad, manifesting the uniqueness in each of them. Each was dear to the maker. However, he did speak of creating one in his own image. One who would be loved more than the guardians.

The Perfect Creation.

The guardians waited to see the perfect creation that The Light had been so passionate about. Yet he did not reveal it. He spent spans of time creating sparkling stones and rumbling balls of fire. He strewed them over the emptiness and created a wonder he called the Universe. The guardians visited the Universe daily, awe-struck at the creativity. Pictures, words and songs fell short of expressing their wonder and amazement. Even the songs that Lucifer sang in sweetest tones could not express the wonder and greatness of this great being.

Elohim was who he was. The eternal Creator. Not a single day in Zion did The Light not expand The Universe. His words echoed in the ears of the guardians each time they saw the vast expanse. I will make my Perfect Creation in my own image. All this is for him to discover.

The wonder of Elohim caught the guardians when he finally created the dwelling home of this Perfect Creation. In the vastness of the Universe, The Light placed a tiny crumb on the farthest corner of the Universe. He called it Earth Prime.

No one understood why the Maker made the abode of the Perfect Creation so small. It would be impossible to discover the Universe. Elohim’s response was still fresh in all the guardians’ minds. It is my glory to conceal and for the Perfect Creation to discover it. The Light placed life on Earth Prime. The dinosaurs were his favorite. He fashioned them in varied sizes- from the one foot tall compsognathus to the thirty foot megalosaurus. The beautiful archaeopteryx to the agile pterosaur. He spoke and the words of his power made the mammoth and the ant, the saber-tooth and the rat, the mole and the flying squirrel, the centipede and the squid. Earth prime teemed with life in the water, life in the air and life in the trees.

The guardians strolled in the lush world of Earth Prime. They knew it was the prepared home for the Perfect Creation; Elohim’s masterpiece beauty. The Perfect Creation had not yet been created. He would be the envy of every guardian. As Elohim poured life into himself, in the trinity, giving and loving, so would he do to the heart of the Perfect Creation. Whatever awaited him was to leave him with bated breath. Perfect Creation was a bride in waiting and Elohim the groomsman had prepared the home and honeymoon. These were the reasons that made the guardians adore The Light. He was most high. They were his sons and his subjects and no day was a new day without the creativity of this eternal Creator.

However, one guardian could stand it no more. He wanted more.

“I am aware of this Abiel. I ask you to exercise patience with my message. But before I begin, where are my brothers, the Cherubim?”

Lucifer’s question was answered by a band of guardians that entered the mercy field, soaring above the myriad. They were more elegantly garbed than the myriad. Sashes of gold were their trademark. They wore garments similar to Lucifer’s robe but less in glamour in comparison to his. Their faces radiated the very light of Elohim. Their backs supported golden-plumaged wings that were significantly bigger that the average guardian. These were elite guardians. The chief task bearers of Elohim’s mandates.

“Here we are,” the Cherub at the lead responded.

Lucifer looked onto the approaching Cherubim, with great admiration. To have them in this would be legendary. They were high ranking and their approval would win over the rest. The throng of Cherubim approached Lucifer and arched him on the scarp of the crystal mountain.

“Lucifer, what is the meaning of this summon?” one Cherub on his right asked.

“My brothers,” Lucifer began, his eyes transfixed on the Cherubim, “my fellow guardians,” he added turning to the myriad.

“Today I do something new in Zion. Today I stand here to give each of you a chance at supremacy you have never known.”

The hubbub resurrected. Lucifer put it to sleep with a sweet euphony.

“Be still, my brothers.”

“Lucifer!” one of the Cherubim cried out, “What are you saying? All new comes from Elohim, The Light, His spirit.”

Lucifer chuckled heartily. The musical tones that preceded his laugh were enchanting. Anything that he would say after this would be accepted truth.

“Yes. Nevertheless, we all have been adorned with diversity, have we not? Mine is to generate songs to usher worship. And I speak in this regard. I sing a new song for Elohim to bask in. I am empowered to create anew and raise it for you my dear sons of light to sing unto The Light. Is this not?”

Nobody objected. Silence was consent.

“My magnificence has opened my eyes to see wisdom. I have developed another… newness.”

“Lucifer,” Abiel cried out, “you trifle time!”

“Patience, Abiel.”

A Chief Cherub on Lucifer’s right took to the skies and spoke in the hearing of every guardian. Lucifer recognized him at once.


“I agree with Abiel, our presence here must be worth your words.”

Lucifer sighed.

“Fine, only give me your ears.”

Abiel and Michael resumed their positions and Lucifer took a step forward.

“It is time my dear guardians, that we had another power in the celestial realm.”

A murmuring began. Lucifer raised his hand again. This time, it did not do the trick. The buzz was unstoppable. It grew to a great din. The Cherubim looked at each other in inexplicable confusion. Who had heard of such a thing? What was this new doctrine Lucifer was proposing? They hardly had time to debate as Lucifer sang a few notes and the murmur died instantly. He seized their attention once more.

“Elohim has hidden great treasures from us,” Lucifer continued.

Rips of laughter erupted in every direction.

“Of course he has,” responded Abiel above the laughter. “He is Elohim! He is in the heavens he does as he pleases.”

“You fail to understand Abiel. You fail to understand, all of you!” Lucifer cried.

The laughter dissolved in Lucifer’s tone. There was something about it. Something sinister. Something so provoking that it melted the humor into somberness. The annoyance in his words weighed heavily.

“Elohim has betrayed us!”

“Lucifer!” Michael challenged, spreading out his wings. “Tread wisely!”

“I tread wisely Michael. In fact I have seen an opportunity for you Cherubim and myself to lead these great guardians into an epoch of enlightenment.”

A second Cherub took to the air.

“What enlightenment?” he demanded.

“How he has the ability to create. Why he gives without expecting. The mystery behind the end of these very pillars and about this Perfect Creation he keeps referring to! The Perfect Creation is a replacement of us! Can you not see it?”

“Lucifer enough!” Michael cried flying to the ledge. “You will have the sons of Elohim, believe in this heresy? Know you not that Elohim is light and in him is no darkness at all.”

A chant of celebration filled the air at Michael’s words. However, it was not the full myriad that raised their voices in exultation. Lucifer knew the full power of the guardians’ voices and that was not it. It was working.

He turned to address the myriad.

“If what Michael says is true, then why won’t Elohim share his power?”

“Because he is who he is,” one guardian shouted from the throng. “Are you not satisfied with all your greatness?”

Michael smiled. The sons knew their Father. He pointed at the myriad.

“That is truth, Lucifer!”

“Truth is that I am at a position to give you enlightenment if you choose to follow me in this quest.”

“Be warned!” another Cherub cried, “Elohim cannot be mocked. Stand your ground guardians.”

A dead and ominous silence prevailed. Rebellion was brewing within the hearts of many. It seemed too hopeful to say Lucifer had lost. One guardian is all it took and the domino effect would be set in motion.

“What kind of enlightenment Lucifer?” one guardian asked. “I would like to see if what you say is true.”

Tension seized the myriad. The Cherubim that stood on Lucifer’s right took flight. They were clearly aggravated at the turn things were taking.

“Michael,” one Cherub cried turning to the guardian citizenry. “Sons of The Light, this presence is dangerous. Come!”

“But Metatron!”

“Now, Michael!”

Michael flexed his wings and followed the Cherub without dispute. Multiple Cherubim joined the rejection of Lucifer. It was clear that they were divided. Lucifer’s influence had poisoned the elite. Yet he was just beginning. A number stood their ground. Michael stared at Lucifer and the other Cherubim in utter disbelief. This was not happening. To divide Zion’s allegiance was anarchy that had never been perceived. He looked back. Hope was still alive in him. It died as fast as it kindled.

Metatron was right. The presence in mercy field today was dangerous. They departed.

Elohim stood by his throne, The Light and the Spirit with him. The ache in his eyes was clear that the Maker was hurting.

“My Perfect Creation cannot suffer the fate of this rebellion,” Elohim said. “He is too fragile.”

“A propitiation will be necessary,” the Spirit said to Elohim and The Light.

“In his fragility, we will be his strength,” The Light said.

“It would come to this eventually,” The Light said. He sighed heavily and took a pause. “I will go.”

“This will cost me greatly,” Elohim said to The Light, “But so be it.”

The cry of the Cherubim was heard a distance off.  The chief guardians flew past the declamatory doors of the throne room and fell to their knees before Elohim, The Light and The Spirit.

“Elohim!” one of the Cherubim cried out. He turned to face the chief guardians. His radiance was consuming. He stepped closer and the guardians retreated, faces bowed down.

“Lucifer…” Michael began.

“I know,” The Spirit responded.

The guardians raised their heads and looked at each other, befuddled. This response was unexpected. He knew?

“Zion is soiled Elohim,” Metatron cried out.

Elohim smiled. The Cherubim seemed un-amused. Lucifer was at the eve of rebellion and the Creator was smiling. Did he really know? Michael was a bit unconvinced.

“Elohim. Lucifer has begun an uprising.”

Elohim, The Light and the Spirit stepped from the throne.

“It is well,” The Light said.

At that moment, the guardians appeared behind the Cherubim. They gathered in the thousands and all knelt before their Maker. It was evident their numbers had reduced. It seemed as if half the myriad was missing. The Cherubim looked to the end of the throne-room until the last guardian knelt. These were the faithful ones.

“Approach,” The Light said to the guardians.

The heavenly beings obeyed and surrounded the throne. They looked toward the throne-room doors and saw an unimaginable sight, a dark cloud. It encroached the room in viscous motion. The cloud grew bigger. A second look at this cloud and even the guardian at the farthest corner of the room could see what it was. It was Lucifer and a vast army of guardians. The cloud settled to reveal the full membership of Lucifer’s drove. The beautiful guardian at the forefront was unmistakable.

Lucifer stepped forward. There was something wrong with his appearance. It was plain, grey and lacking radiance. It did not take a second look to tell what had happened. The Light had left them. Their bodies lost their glow and the consequence of their unification with Lucifer was evident. The shades had been birthed.

“Lucifer, darkness will not abide in light,” the Spirit said, “Stand down.”

Lucifer smirked at the Maker. His smile showed that he had grown weary and had waited millennia for this moment. His rebellion was not birthed overnight. He had stewed it for eons for this moment. He was not going to waste it in a single command.

“I bring a balance, Elohim.”

“You bring lawlessness, O morning star,” the Spirit replied. “I perceive violence in your heart. You plan to take my glory by force.”

“Then share it! My beauty is to be adored is it not?”

“Your beauty is my workmanship,” The Light replied.

“I am most deserving among all guardians to know as you know and share in your power.”

“You lust after glory. It is not to be shared. I am Elohim.”

“I shall not stand down Elohim. My place is upon the mount of assembly, among the stars of high heaven.”

“My spirit shall not contend forever, Lucifer,” Elohim warned, “You have corrupted your wisdom for splendor.”

“My splendor is my wisdom!” Lucifer hissed.

“And who gave you the splendor light bearer? Is it not I? Did I not clothe you with the color of Zion and every precious stone? Did I not set you in finest gold when I created you? Is it not I who ordained you as the mighty angelic guardian? Did I not give you access to the holy mountain and walked you among the stones of fire? Answer me this and if you find your desire unworthy, stand down.”

The screaming silence was testimony to Elohim’s truth. High heaven looked onto Lucifer for his reply.

“Yes, you did,” Lucifer began. “Yes you did, but it is not enough! I am the most exquisite in your models of perfection. I am second to be god and I shall have it.”

“Pride precedes a fall,” The Light said to Lucifer, “And a haughty spirit before destruction. Take heed or your fire shall consume you with your multiplication of iniquities.”

Lucifer smirked. He turned his back on Elohim to face the rebels. Their allegiance was strong. He whirled.

“This is not a game Elohim. Our request will not fall on deaf ears.”

Elohim looked at the rebellious Cherub. He remained intransigent, adamant. The pride in his eyes spoke volumes. He was impervious to Elohim and he was not going to retreat. Elohim glanced at the graying guardians. Pride had devoured their devotion. They stood firm by Lucifer. Their allegiance was defined. They were not with The Light.

“Those that are not with me are against me,” the Spirit said firmly. With this, Elohim, The Light and the Spirit descended the steps of the throne and confronted Lucifer. Lucifer had an attack formation ready. His greyhounds lurched at their Maker but to no avail. Elohim was living energy. He was walking power. The inordinate confidence of the rebels waned. The Cherubim and the rest of the guardians rallied behind their Maker to attack their brothers.

War broke out in Zion. The battle raged and it was clear that not standing with Elohim was to stand against him. Lucifer and the shades faced imminent defeat. Lucifer’s shades conjured a flame and blazed the battleground.

“Stand back!” Elohim cried to his guardians. “The battle is mine.”

The sons of The Light watched their Maker unleash his wrath. With a clap of hishands, Zion quaked. His targets were all precisely hit. In the palm of his hand, Elohim gathered the shades hurled them into their own fire. The shades awoke, still persistent. It was their undoing.

“Know that I am GOD Lucifer!” Elohim bellowed!“My glory I will not give to another!”

With this, Elohim thumped the grounds of high heaven with immense potency. The effect was unparalleled. The stars in the universe dimmed at the big bang. The heavenly bodies quaked and reduced to clouds of dust. The streams of galaxies dissolved to waste powder. The magnificent force exited Lucifer and the shades into the chasm of the dying Universe. They consumed in burning fire as they fell deep, headed right for Earth Prime.

“Elohim,” one guardian cried, “Earth Prime!”

“I know,” The Light replied.

“The life on it will despair.”

“I know.”

Lucifer and the shades struck the atmosphere of Earth Prime. Their bodies gained faster momentum from the force of gravity. As they fell deeper, the shades combusted in high heat and landed on the surface of the planet. The impact was tremendous. Earth Prime was holed. The effect engulfed the whole planet and the crater incinerated unceasingly. Hades opened up its gates to receive its first prisoners. The rebellion was thwarted. The opposition of good had just commenced. Very slowly, ice began to creep over the surface of Earth Prime.

The Spirit followed the trail of burning fire. He hovered over the surface of the deep and stared at the detritus of the destroyed planet. All the creatures, the plants and the beauty gone. And the Earth was formless and desolate.

Elohim turned to the guardians. A wordless expression on the Maker’s countenance spoke his heart.

It was time to create the Perfect Creation. Elohim looked from on high and spoke in the hearing of all Zion.

“Let there be light.”

To be continued in THE HUMAN temple- available at




Ernest is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, and a father. He has been married to Waturi since September 2012. They have three children- Thandiwe, Ivanna, and Theo. He is also the author of four books. The Wamboyes are passionate to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly taught and understood in our post-modern world. They are champions of biblical discipleship and furthering the Kingdom of God by transforming one person at a time. They are the founders of The Relationship Centre Ltd (TRC), an organisation that aims to promote biblical family values in contemporary urban communities.

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