The Gospel for the I.T. guy!


In the beginning, The MANUFACTURER of all that exists created a computer called Earth. He had innovated many programs for the computer. He installed an operating system called Mother Nature. The operating system hosted other programs and received commands from the Manufacturer. He the installed the various programs he had innovated in the operating system such as the Land Animals Program, the Sea Creatures Program, the Vegetation program, the Weather program etc.

The Manufacturer’s computer was going to be linked to another of His creation that would run on it’s own operating system. This special creation was created in his likeness. He called it The Human Being. It was the main program in the computer and very unique because you see, it ran on it’s own operating system that was breathed from the lungs of The Manufacturer himself. The Human Being came in two versions, man and woman, male and female respectively. The two versions were to work concurrently. They were to get married into one version and become ONE. In their oneness, they could replicate more human operating systems. They too like the first operating system, received their commands from The Manufacturer.

But the humans went rogue. Some of their operating systems crashed. They thought they could figure out how to operate on their own so they cut links that sent commands from The Manufacturer. They deactivated the Bluetooth link called prayer. They refused to work as one version and decided to work as two separate versions. The Manufacturer saw that the human operating system had forgotten what to do and that they were crashing at a very fast rate.

There were a few operating systems that still received commands from the manufacturer. They were willing to be used by Him. One of the human operating systems was called MOSES. He was one of the I.T. guys sent to fix the problem. The Manufacturer decided to print a few of the TERMS & CONDITIONS for the humans. They were given the choice to click agree/ disagree whether they read them or not. However, if they didn’t read, they would be bound to the terms anyway. It was important that they read the TERMS & CONDITIONS. So the Manufacturer wrote down the terms and conditions for Moses to the humans. And Moses received the two tablets from the maker of the galaxy.

But the humans refused to reboot their operating systems. They kept on crashing. The Manufacturer sent more I.T. guys like Moses with manuals to show how the human operating system is meant to function.  They ignored the manuals and even beat up the I.T. guys. They failed. So the Manufacturer sent his own son to show them practically how to run the human operating system. The Manufacturer’s son was just as good as the Manufacturer. In fact they were one. The Manufacturer was the son and the son was the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer decided to live like the humans did. He even installed in himself a similar operating system. He was born like them. He ate like them, went to school like them and even got a job like them in carpentry.  But he did not operate like them.

You see, he designed the human being. He knew that the human being works most effectively and happily when he/she depends on instructions from the Manufacturer. So he exemplified that. He also decided to use very little of his capabilities so that the humans wouldn’t be overwhelmed by it. He needed them to trust in his persona more than his abilities in that human body. He wanted friends not partners. He wanted to be indentified with them personally so He even took a human name.


He gave them life to restore their rogue system. The life was his words. But it wasn’t enough. You see, when the humans went rogue, their system absorbed a toxic virus that destroyed them, The virus was called SIN. The sin virus had so many side effects. It shortened the human life span. It caused the female version to experience pain during childbirth. It cursed the ground that the male version worked on. It created enmity among humans. So he gave them life but he had to take away their sin virus. The sin virus was so powerful. It created a side effect called death that the creator in his human form could not sustain it. You see, he was The Manufacturer but he was also human.

The virus killed him.

He took the sin virus so that the humans could live as he intended originally. However, the Almighty’s humanity was not usual. Unlike any other human, his humanity was incompatible with the sin virus. He had a special anti-virus in his operating system that overcame sin. The antivirus was called HOLINESS.

This is why he did not operate like them. He absorbed the virus knowing very well that by having it “kill” him, it would reboot the whole humanity system if they all plug into him. So he took the sin virus, destroyed it and created another source of life that gave ETERNAL life. It was given a new name. It  was called SALVATION. SALVATION was converted into an operating system. The old operating system was gone; the new had come. Coupled with the HOLINESS anti-virus, it worked perfectly. That whoever plugs into The Manufacturer will not die but have everlasting life. It secured the life of the human even after his purpose on the planet was complete. The first life (his words) was turned into a book. The words of the book were combined with the power of SALVATION to create an Internet connection for the humans. With this Internet connection, they were empowered to do a lot as long as they used the correct password on different sites. The password was the name of the Manufacturer’s son. With his name, they could do all things through Him who gives them strength.

When the Internet connection was made, the words came alive. They ceased to be another history book or journal of past events. The words became living and active powered by a 3G system (God the father God the son and God the holy spirit). The 3G Internet connection of the words and salvation could help the new human operating system divide the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. It would constantly update their HOLINESS anti-virus. However, anyone who had not plugged into the source of SALVATION would not be powered to experience the life in the words of the first life. Anyone plugged into Him, will improve their operating system derived from the instructions of the living words.

Over 2000 years later, the SALVATION operating system still saves the human as long as them plug into the Manufacturer. However, the creator of the sin virus was not happy. His name is LUCIFER. You see, the new operating system put him out of business. He used to work for the Manufacturer but he became greedy and lusted after the Manufacturer’s power and innovation. He tried to steal the power of the Manufacturer for himself so the Manufacturer fired him. He is against the Manufacturer but he is not his opposite. Because if he were the Manufacturer’s opposite, he’d be His equal. The Manufacturer has no equal. Ever since he was fired, he has been trying to ruin the Manufacturer’s human by corrupting him/her with unseen viruses and dangerous software that confuse his/ her identity. Today, he is a huge shareholder in the old human operating system. He has convinced them all not to plug into the Manufacturer. He has promised them trial programs and software that will make them happy and content. However, history has proven that the human operating system under his control just keeps crashing in the end. The programs and software he gives only have temporary joy and end up filling the human’s heart-disk. The sad thing is that many unplugged humans do not know they are under his shareholder possession. In the end when the computer is old and needs to be replaced, the Manufacturer will allow LUCIFER to keep his shares and do with them as he pleases. But Lucifer isn’t interested in his shares. When he receives them, he’s just going to burn them. The Manufacturer however will reward his shares in the end. Lucifer has lied to many that plugging into the Manufacturer will leave them bored, sad and drained. But the Manufacturer urges the human operating systems to taste and see that He is good.

The Manufacturer loves the humans so much that if he were given a choice, he would absorb the sin virus for them once more. Do not be fooled beloved. We lust after the next iPad, iPod, iMac not realizing that like Eve we have bitten the Apple pursuing things that the Manufacturer calls iDols. The world is reeking with evil, the original sin in 46 flavours. It will crash you. It will kill, steal and destroy. But the Manufacturer will give you life and life in abundance. He gives you Windows of opportunities no matter how much we fail. He urges you to plug into him. It costs you nothing. You don’t need to earn it or buy it. It’s just as simple as plug and play.



Ernest is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, and a father. He has been married to Waturi since September 2012. They have three children- Thandiwe, Ivanna, and Theo. He is also the author of four books. The Wamboyes are passionate to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly taught and understood in our post-modern world. They are champions of biblical discipleship and furthering the Kingdom of God by transforming one person at a time. They are the founders of The Relationship Centre Ltd (TRC), an organisation that aims to promote biblical family values in contemporary urban communities.

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    • Walalala!!!!! Screaaamm!!!! This is just too fly!! Who would have thought the salvation story could be explained in IT terms. IT gurus you have no excuse!!!!! Wow!!!! This is just amazing piece of work Erniekins! Forward pap!! The message is clear!! The words became living and active powered by a 3G system (God the father God the son and God the holy spirit)- Killer We lust after the next iPad, iPod, iMac not realizing that like Eve we have bitten the Apple pursuing things that the Manufacturer calls iDols- Dead!!! May God use your dedos more and more!! Awesome!!! TAH!!!! Waturified!!!

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