Manhood and Purpose by Boniface Nyoike Ng’ang’a


Boniface Nyoike is a good friend of mine. I invited him to speak at the Men of Integrity (Mo1) ministry that I lead at CITAM Valley Road mid this year. Apologies for the distractions in the recording at the start. If you are a man, I urge you to be humble, teachable and listen. Listen. Generally speaking, we men hardly listen. We are good at criticizing, pointing out mistakes and proving how we know it all. This message by Boniface will change the life of the humble and teachable. Here is a sneak peak of Boniface’s lecture on Manhood and Purpose before you plug in your earphones:

  • Prosperity is having enough resources to fulfill your purpose not to fulfil your self-indulgence
  • Men who want progress without the process are still boys.
  • If the process is right, the progress will be inevitable.
  • You will either fall in love with comfort or fall in love with greatness but you will not fall in love with both.
  • You with birth greatness to the extent that you are willing to bear discomfort.
  • Your refusal to pay the price for your purpose is an admission of your laziness.
  • The proof of your purpose is when you take care of your walk with God more than your work for God.

These truths from Boniface Nyoike coupled with relevant scripture from God’s word are refreshing and rebuking words that men in our generation need in order to be the purposeful leaders that God created us to be. This is manhood and purpose.

Grace and Peace




Ernest Wamboye is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, an author and a speaker. He has been married to the lovely Waturi since September 2012. They have a passion for youth ministry. Together they minister to young adults on the gospel and pre-marital relationships. Ernest has authored two books, The Human Temple, a novel, and Lust and the City- a guide on sexual purity.

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