Why do you want to marry our daughter?” The question had been asked severally and frankly, I was growing weary of answering it. Still, I recited my response with a positive face. It had been three hours in the same chair surrounded by my fiancée’s father, grandfather, uncles and elder cousins. It was 8 men versus one.  I sat in…More


One of the most heart-breaking moments in anybody’s life (even though few will admit) is the realization that Disney relationships are not real- that we can have our idea of love destroyed by the reality of relationships. We are currently at a point in history where relationships are craved for more than anything and at the same time loathed more…More


A friend of mine inadvertently revealed how he would be relieved after he got married because sexual purity wouldn’t be a problem. Much as I hated to burst his bubble, I had to let him in on the truth. Marriage does not solve the problem of lust. I won’t deny the fact that getting married does help restrain lust (even…More


Dear Reader, Once in a very long while we allow a guest writer to share profound wisdom on Pen Strokes. So far, Pen Strokes has been graced by the brilliant Owuor Kuyoh, the brave and admirable Ess Kimemia. Today, I introduce to you the Wise Keith. Keith and I met in high school. We served in the Praise and Worship team;…More


My first job was a French teacher at a Primary School near my Alma Mater. The schedule was friendly so it did not clash with my campus studies. I was earning 12,000 KES a month. This was a lot of money for me at that time, being a student. Considering my pocket money for upkeep was less than half that…More


I loved watching Sinbad growing up. His life was full of risk, adventure and so much interest! I wished I could trade my bogus life routine for just one day of the pirate’s (with his skills of course). I wanted to be stronger, faster, smarter, and better than I was. New year resolutions gave me a kick and I would…More


I have a few friends who have been hurt by members of the Church- me included. It often was because of the tongue. Jesus’ brother, James, said that if a man can control his tongue, he can control himself in any other way (James 3:2). Also within the Body of Christ, in our weakness, we can rub each other off…More


A few people have already celebrated their birthdays. However, I don’t think it is too late to share what I want. There will be many celebrations in 2014- most of them cultural. There will also be birthday celebrations for billions around the globe. This blog is for Christians, to encourage them to celebrate their own birthdays and those of others…More


      1. January January was a hard month. I was out of home for the first time in my life and I was living with a new wife! When I heard my parents say that the January financial blues can strike you hard, I never paid any attention really. Well, all that lack of attention paid off in January.…More


Are you a lover in diapers or are you a mature lover? Sounds strange to say that love can be classified as mature or childish, but it is not far from the truth. This is a lesson that I learn every week with my wife. It began when we were dating and has never stopped since. What does it mean…More


My wife and I were invited for the premiere of a local television series at our Alma Mater- United States International University (USIU). We had our outfits ready the day before. The plan was to return home after work, freshen up then leave for USIU. We knew that we would be slightly late because I normally leave work at 5:30pm…More


Sex is fantastic! God created this act of marriage for a man and women to enrapture each other, delight in each other and use it to procreate. God made Adam and then he made Eve, to fit right in his embrace. For her body to connect with his, for their souls to unite in the physical exchange of pleasure. He…More


Have you ever battled with such a question? Have you ever sought to understand why evil thrives when God is good and powerful? The recent terrorist attack in Westgate mall in Nairobi city left many dead and even more injured. The faith of Kenyans in their God of all creation is amazing. The great work by the defence forces showed…More


I have been married for a year now. The days have gone by so quickly, it feels like Waturi and I walked down that aisle and said “I do” to each other only a month ago. There are many things that I have learned in my rookie tenure as a married man. I will share them with you. Hopefully it…More

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